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Lonely are the brave: What happens to whistleblowers


From The Guardian:

One whistleblower gets $30m in the bank, but others count the personal cost …

“You have to mortgage your house, you have to empty your bank account. I went from making well over $150,000 a year to a quarter of that,” Drake says in Silenced, a recently released documentary depicting the lives of several national security whistleblowers. Silenced, which made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, is to be screened at additional movie festivals this fall. “The cost alone, financially – never mind the personal cost – is approaching million dollars in terms of lost income, expenses and other costs I incurred.”

“Obviously, I am a persona non grata within the government … and so I am unemployed,” Drake says to the cameras in Silenced. “I did look for work. I spent a lot of time looking for work. I applied for a part-time position with Apple, and several month later I actually got a phone call. I ended up working at an Apple store in the metro DC area as an expert.”

This kind of result is what most whistleblowers can expect. The potential threat of prosecution, the mounting legal bills and the lack of future job opportunities all contribute to a hesitation among many to rock the boat. More.

And wait till you hear what happened to the guy who confirmed waterboarding.

Of course, most whistleblowers don’t really care. They wouldn’t survive organized lying anyway; they just find living with truth easier.

People who see the evidence for design in nature and refuse to keep quiet about it should find the Silenced stories enlightening.

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