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Look at This Incredible Insect Wing Design

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It is intuitively obvious that insect wings, such as these shown from the desert locust, did not evolve from random chance events as evolutionists insist they did, and new research is helping to elucidate the underlying reasons. One glance at the insect wings pictured here reveals something special, but what is it? There is a definite pattern revealed by the crisscrossing veins and the new research demonstrates that the cells formed by the intersecting veins are optimized to minimize the weight of the wing while maximizing the wing’s resistance to cracks. Specifically, the cell’s are sized according to the so-called “critical crack length” which is the length at which a crack becomes a structural threat—a property of the wing material. Cracks shorter than this length tend not to grow and so need not be stopped. So the mechanical properties of the wing material (cuticle), and the structural design of the veins, work together to form an optimized wing. As the research concluded:  Read more

Evolution vs. The Honey Bee - an Architectural Marvel - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4181791 bornagain77
This animation has a Dragonfly wing in it: Nature by Numbers http://vimeo.com/9953368 bornagain77
But. But. God wouldn't have made the world like that. It's not optimal enough. And anyway they're too insignificant for him to waste his time on like that. Axel

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