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Thomas Sowell’s sobering counsel

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We need to think again about where we are going. END

I had the good fortune of taking MicroEconomics at UCLA when Dr. Sowell was there. What a gentleman! He wore a suit to class every day--this was 1972. One of the best classed I've ever taken. One day he set up a problem on the board that came right out of our books. He was setting us up. I took the bait. But, boy, did he open up my thinking about life. Life is much more than what books might supply. He's one of a handful of teachers I remember to this day. And I love his political views: "Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts!" A great thinker and a great teacher. I hope and pray that the black community pays him more attention. P.S. The next quarter I took MacroEconomics because of the great fun I had with Micro. But Macro minus Sowell was quite dull. PaV
The part about gauleiters is especially good. The "virus" gauleiters are a smooth extension of the "environment" gauleiters. OCD freaks with absolute power, making microrules with specific microrequirements for every single microtype and microsize of action and object and thought. polistra
Sound bites usually aren’t very sound
Except Sowell is the best in the world at summing things up in a few words. There is a twitter site with nothing but his quips or sound bites. There's no comparison. https://twitter.com/ThomasSowell jerry
The best statement was found at 2:10 of the video.
Sound bites usually aren’t very sound.
I once gave a Thomas Sowell book to a black man I saw every day. He worked for Fedex and I used to drop stuff off with him 4-5 times a week. So we became very friendly as we were also both ex Navy. One time we started talking politics. He brought it up and after awhile I gave him the Sowell book. He said he started reading the book and a friend of his saw it and said Thomas Sowell was a traitor to black people. My reply was that Sowell told the truth and no one should be afraid of the truth. Speaking of telling the truth here is a short clip by Jordan Peterson on telling the truth. Peterson is another maligned person. The clip is called
The adventure of telling the truth.
https://mobile.twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1387109997209952257 jerry
The smartest man on the planet? If not, then the wisest one. Facts are not only foreign to most people, they are irrelevant to most once they are forced to admit them. Let me give an example. A close relative once described in glowing terms her child’s music director at school. I then pointed out that the music director had the kids sing John Lennon’s song “imagine” as part of a Christmas program. I said it was an anti religious song. She then went after me saying I didn’t know what I was talking about and that my opinion was flat out wrong. I asked her to read the lyrics. She then went to her iPhone and read the lyrics which belittled religion. She became visibly upset not at the song or the teacher but at me. She accused me of being glad John Lennon was murdered. This is what we are dealing with in our society today. jerry

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