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Lucy Reprogrammed by Random Errors and Natural Selection = Mozart

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This is what Darwinists would have us believe. I can’t think of anything in my wildest imagination that could be more absurd or preposterous.



Ascertaining the inherent idiocy of Darwinian orthodoxy is not difficult.

NZer Atheists have a long history of spinning tiny data points into tall tales. Nebraska Man has been discredited, but when you read what was said about the tooth, you will see history repeating itself today. bevets
This is an A1 post, Mr. Dodgen! James Grover
bevets, it is not obvious to me what your webpage is saying... care to explain? NZer
Something that has long annoyed me is how un-obvious it is to ignoramuses like myself just how many bones have really been found. Look at the Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_(Australopithecus) "...several hundred pieces of bone representing about 40% of the skeleton..." Yet the photo AL 288-1 shows a small fraction of this number, and look at the skull...! How does this relate to the image in Nat Geographic? NZer
Men who would not cross the street to save a soul have traveled around the world in search of skeletons. If they find a stray tooth in a gravel pit, they hold a conclave and fashion a creature such as they suppose the possessor of the tooth to have been, and then they shout derisively at Moses. ~ William Jennings Bryan bevets
Well, ya see, Lucy was "reprogrammed" one bit at a time over millions of years. Joseph

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