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I can hardly believe this was posted on Panda’s Thumb.

I just think the part at 3 minutes with Hitchens is hilarious. It is so insulting to his supposed "intellectual greatness." Frost122585
[...] thread is addressed to the animators of The Machine Video (with Dawkins doing his Eminem routine) as well as any other talented flash/video animators. Perhaps [...] “Animation Infringement” . . . or do you mean “Taste Infringement”? | Uncommon Descent
One side is used to believe in its own just so stories and discourages any critical thinking. The other side challenges people to be open minded and follow the evidence where it leads. Which one would be more suscetible to clever manipulation? That would be a nice subject for a paper. fnds
This is really freaking hilarious. The Fork
Did Richard Dawkins' crotch thrusting at the end make anyone else physically ill? Barb
JvC, I'm reminded of a quote from Mathis: "That's one of the stunning things I learned on this project - these people have never entertained the possibility that they might be wrong." I believe that using and exposing that arrogance might just be the centerpiece of his PR strategy. Arrogance works well for the arrogant...but it doesn't play well with the general public. Lutepisc
Like the whole Mathis/Myers incident, their penchant for underestimating IDists is doing them in. Not really underestimating, just plain arrogance from the evangelical atheists. I find it sickening to watch. JvG
Hundreds of comments on Pharyngula and they’re split on whether this is a dig at creationists or evolutionists.
What I'm really getting a kick out of is the Darwinbots who reason that "this must have been produced by our side. The IDists are too stoopid to even get it." Like the whole Mathis/Myers incident, their penchant for underestimating IDists is doing them in. I love it! Lutepisc
It is pretty darn funny that evolutionists, with their almost obsessive focus on tedious research and boring journals, would see their house of cards collapsed by cultural confrontation like this video. poachy
Does anyone here have any doubt it’s a brilliant hip-hop mockery of scientists who think they’re smarter than everyone else
Honest, I bet bones it was produced by the production staff promoting Expelled. Yes, Dave, anyone with their head screwed on straight can see the message "Who is Dawkins to say that he knows more than you and I." I loved the Expelled logo stuck right in the middle, but a subtle enough sell to get past the filters of Panda's Thumb and Phyrangula. It is tooo tight! bFast
Haha. Good find Dave. PannenbergOmega
This is so funny. Hundreds of comments on Pharyngula and they're split on whether this is a dig at creationists or evolutionists. Does anyone here have any doubt it's a brilliant hip-hop mockery of scientists who think they're smarter than everyone else when in reality they're just nerds with no street survival skills? Smart, on the urban streets, is having a 9mm Glock and knowing how to use it not having a biology degree and knowing how to use it. Amazing. There's nothing more pathetic than a nerd who doesn't know he's a nerd. I swear I'll eat my shirt pocket protector if this wasn't commissioned by the Expelled producers as a tool to get a buzz going. DaveScot
In case anyone is wondering where 30 comments disappeared to they can be found at www.offtopicpurgatory.org. DaveScot
jvG: Thanks for the clarification. Who is the guy I linked to? Is he just the guy who posted it? russ
Russ: That's not the guy who made the video. In fact, in the youtube link he says "This is not mine. I'm not aware of any copyright holder"! Besides, the video is of such a high quality that I would deem this a professional production, which means lots of money and a production team was involved. JvG
Here's the youtube link to the guy who made the video. http://youtube.com/user/TheModestAgnostic Not sure what to make of it. Is he spoofing both sides? russ
Hey they showed Dick Dawkins abusing a puppy too! Reminds me of this quote:
I beat a puppy, I believe, simply from enjoying the sense of power Charles Darwin
Hillarious. I seriously cannot believe there are actually atheists out there proclaiming this video supports their point of view. JvG
LOL!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! "If I was dyslexic, I'd even hate dogs too!" shaner74
...I still laughin' Upright BiPed
If their goal was to horrify, they succeeded. Frost122585
LOL... FtK
Clearly the plan is working. Our agents have now matriculated to administrative roles at PT. They will be blogging the possibility of a 6,000 year old Earth within the time it takes the malaria parasite to evolve into the, into the, into the malaria parasite!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH tribune7
You said this was on Panda's Thumb? You sure that wasn't TheBrites.org? It is tooo funny! bFast
You can get the words at http://blog.coincidencetheories.com/?p=172 idnet.com.au
Pure. Gold. wnelson
The pimp hat on Dennett... priceless. Scottus
It's a very well done skit, I'll give it that. I can't believe PT posted it either! f.blair
*That* was posted at PT? Loved Genie's belly wigglin'. Too funny. FtK

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