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March Madnesss


In addition to the excitement of the NCAA Basketball tournament, there will be lot’s of ID in March.
Paul Nelson in Jacksonville University, March 14

William Dembski at UC Berkeley March 17, 18

“ID Week” at JMU with John Angus Campbell, March 12-15 featuring debate teams from 20 colleges to debate ID:

Cornell University
Yale University (two teams)
Pepperdine University
University of Notre Dame
George Mason University

College of William and Mary
Brown University
University of Pittsburgh
Wake Forest University
University of Virginia
University of South Florida
West Virginia University
Mary Washington University (two teams)
Towson University (two-time defending champions)
University of Richmond (two teams)
University of Maryland
Claremont Colleges
Liberty University (two teams)
Baptist Bible College
James Madison University

Keep up the good work, Sal. Sounds like your impression of Campbell deserves an article instead of just a comment. DaveScot
I just attended John Angus Campbell talk. WOW. In case you all were unware, John Angus Campbell is actually a Darwinist who is also a fellow of the Discovery Institute. He's the most amazing Darwinist I ever met. Get a load of this, he co-authored a peer-reviewed book with Stephen Meyer: Darwin Design and Democracy Here is his bio at the Discovery Institute: John Angus Campbell, DI Fellow's Bio Yes, it's true, you're hearing me actually say something good about professed Darwinist. Once you get to know him and his works, it's easy to see why the Discovery Institute was actually quite enthusiastic to have him become a fellow. I will hopefully post more on this extraodinary individual. I mentioned him earlier in this post: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/index.php/archives/881 Salvador scordova
The IDEA club apparently has a sense of humor. From their website it reports Dembski is speaking at the VLSB (Valley Life Sciences Bldg). Well it just so happens this is where the President of the NCSE, Kevin Padian works and attends to The Padian Lab. Salvador PS most people don't realize it is Padian that is president of the NCSE, not Eugenie Scott scordova

Plus you guys are getting a video game: http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/03/14/1515200

Patrick wrote an article here about this game -ds geoffrobinson

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