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Massive new study shows that height is largely inherited


We sort of assumed that* but here are some interesting factoids:

For height, DNA is largely destiny. Studies of identical and fraternal twins suggest up to 80% of variation in height is genetic. But the genes responsible have largely eluded researchers. Now, by amassing genome data for 4 million people—the largest such study ever—geneticists have accounted for a major share of this “missing heritability,” at least for people of European ancestry. In this group, they’ve identified nearly 10,000 DNA markers that appear to fully explain the influence of common genetic variants over height…

By 2018, Visscher’s team and other members of a global consortium called GIANT had pooled DNA data for 700,000 people and found 3300 common markers that explained 25% of the variation in height. Now, by looking across DNA from 201 GWA studies with 4.1 million participants, GIANT has brought the total to roughly 9900 common markers, accounting for 40% of the variation. Other markers located nearby and likely inherited together account for another 10% of height variability.

Jocelyn Kaiser, “‘Landmark’ study resolves a major mystery of how genes govern human height” at Science

From the story, we count 50% of height as explained by genetics, at least in persons of European ancestry.

But apparently it takes 9,900 DNA markers to account for something as straightforward as height. And all that just happened randomly, we are told…

*Note: Height isn’t like weight or fitness. Hard to influence. When you stopped growing, that was your height. After that, it’s elevator shoes or hanging around with people even shorter than you are. Or accepting yourself (better idea). Then late-life shrinkage.

Looks like at least genes are involved, but that is a whole lot of them. kairosfocus
Since the separated twins studies in the 1950s we don't need ANY of these specific studies. We know for certain that ALL human traits and talents and tendencies are partly inherited. The percentage varies, but the percentage doesn't really matter. These studies of individual traits are like studying the effect of gravity on each specific size of rock. We already have the formula. polistra
So height is largely genetic 50% of it I hate how they word stuff because only half of it is genetic the rest of it is environment it’s literally 50-50 AaronS1978

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