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A friend writes to remind us of the anniversary of Phillip E. Johnson’s death

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Phillip Johnson: Jun 18, 1940–Nov 2, 2019 (Aged 79) Father of intelligent design theory The link takes you to our page.

Question: What changes since then have made the most difference?

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Jon Garvey (“Hump Of The Camel”) Weighs In On The Late Phillip Johnson

Paul Nelson remembers Phillip Johnson. Not like he’d expected

Darwinian philosopher Michael Ruse says farewell to the late Phillip Johnson He jokes that the way his life intersected with Johnson’s was one of the best proofs of the existence of God.

 Jonathan Wells remembers Phillip Johnson as a breath of fresh air. Wells is the author of Zombie Science, about out-of-date Darwinian rubbish whacked from one edition of a given publicly funded textbook to another, often claiming the protection of law as if it were some kind of Holy Writ that founds a religious republic.

Bill Dembski remembers Phil Johnson (1940–2019). Dembski begins by reminding us of the book, Darwin’s Nemesis (2006), which introduced Johnson as “the leading figure” in the intelligent design movement—which he was. Johnson was perhaps the first person after David Berlinski to just ask, point blank, never mind religion or whatever, why does all this tabloid-level nonsense rule biology?


Thinkmag tributes to the late Phillip Johnson

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Phil was a good guy. Met him once. RIP. mike1962

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