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MAVs and Fruit Flies: Unguided Evolution Smarter Than Top Scientists


Autonomous air vehicles are finding increasing use and the Air Force is interested micro versionsRead more

This article just came out: Was Darwin Wrong? Study Says 'Living Space' Is Key to Evolution Excerpt: Until now, Charles Darwin's concept of survival of the fittest and natural selection has been considered the key to the evolution of all living things. But a new study by researchers at the University of Bristol in England and published in Biology Letters suggests "living space," not competition between species, is responsible for evolutionary patterns throughout history. http://www.aolnews.com/weird-news/article/was-darwin-wrong-study-says-living-space-is-key-to-evolution/19606711 bornagain77
"...Air Force is interested micro versions:" Not sure I follow that ... NZer
The idea that random mutation of genetic code + natural selection + deep time can produce substantial new structures is an idea which should be dismissed as ludicrous, but is held with nearly religious faith by the devotees of Darwin. If such a process were even possible, then so should the following method of producing great novels: 1) Start with a simple short story. 2) Mutate it using any one of the following methods (add your own as you see fit, as long as they do not require the input of intelligence, such as the introduction of entire new sentences or paragraphs from nowhere): a) Change any single letter, or word, for any other. b) Reverse the order of any pair of letters, or words, or sentences, or paragraphs, or chapters. c) Allow for the deletion or duplication (single or multiple) of any the items in b). d) Change the order of letters in a single word, or the order of words in a single sentence, or the order of sentences in a paragraph, etc. e) Allow long-range insertions of any letter, word, sentence, etc. by duplication, or by actual removal from the original location, from one part of the book to another. f) Allow long-range insertions as in e), but from any other book in existence. g) Any number of the above operations can be performed at one time, with the proviso that they are randomly performed, without forethought or intelligence. 3) In each stage, produce a trillion (or a trillion-trillion) mutated books, and select all the ones which are, in a literary sense, the equal or superior to the previous stage, to continue the process. 4) Continue until you produce great literature. Give it a trillion stages, which is far more than Darwinian evolution has had since the origin of life. Anyone think the above has any chance of suceeding? And yet that's what's expected of RM + NS + deep time, acting on DNA. SCheesman

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