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Michael Behe on YouTube with Sean McDowell: Is intelligent design defensible?


Is Intelligent Design Defensible? Michael Behe Says YES!

Are there responses to the criticism of Intelligent Design? Is “irreducible complexity,” coined by Michael Behe, valid? In this interview, Behe and I discuss his arguments for ID and he responds to some tough criticisms.

Actually, it is making more sense all the time.

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Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

News, the problems at this point do not lie with evidence or logic but with us and our small-p party-spiritedness. Notions are attached to ideologies, worldviews and cultural/policy agendas and will not be surrendered short of shattering catastrophe. Which, we seem to be on track to yet again. KF PS: The evidence that there is a past-infinite, material world or one that popped up from non-being is _____? That a world fine tuned for life just happened _______ ? That, cell based life based on molecular nanotech involving irreducibly comples systems, alphanumeric code so language, algorithms and execution machinery can come about by blind chance and/or mechanical necessity ____? That, major body plans involving 10^7 + bases worth of extra genetic information could emerge in reasonable time by blind watchmaker mechanisms ____? Similarly for irreducibly complex subsystems in such body plans____? That a rational, sufficiently free mind could arise from brains as mechanical computational substrate_____ / And more, it is clear that the ideology of evolutionary materialistic scientism and fellow travellers rule by power not by reason. Things will have to crash badly for there to be significant change, meanwhile we must be a centre for reason and refuge for those who see that something is wrong and find themselves as part of a remnant counter-cultural community. kairosfocus

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