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Michael Egnor on COVID-19: Herd immunity vs herd mentality

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Dr. Nathan Lents is a Darwinist biologist who has tangled with design science in the past. His response to the coronavirus pandemic is, believe it or not, to chastise ordinary people who question the competence of public health experts. On Twitter, Dr. Lents rants:

“Something I have heard WAY TOO OFTEN from otherwise smart/thoughtful people: “What about all the harm to mental and physical health by saying home/alone this much?” Y’all need to STOP with the notion that #PublicHealth scientists at the CDC/NIH/WHO are just forgetting or ignoring the costs & dangers of all this sheltering-in-place. OF COURSE they know all that. The entire field of Public Health is about weighing multiple factors, balancing disparate health risks and benefits, calculating costs and dangers. THAT IS WHAT THE FIELD *IS*.”

Actually, the “field of public health” is complicit in the worst episode of scientific malfeasance in the 21st century. WHO and the CDC have a major job — prevent pandemics. They not only failed to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. Worse, they failed to take appropriate action months ago when it was obvious that China was dealing with a highly contagious and deadly viral epidemic. The WHO dissembled about the seriousness of COVID-19, advised against closing borders, and basically did China’s bidding at the expense of the rest of the world. The CDC was months behind the curve as well. Experts like Dr. Fauci downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic, and local experts like the New York City health commissioner actually told people to gather in large crowds even as the pandemic spread.

Michael Egnor, “Herd Immunity, Not Herd Mentality” at Evolution News and Science Today

Dr. Egnor is sadly right. The rubbish purveyed to us along the lines of “trust science!” has proven false. Whenever the smoke clears…

Given that this OP is really about fake news, here is a round up of the fake news about HCQ: Misinformation is at the heart of the problem as this misinformation and fake news is listed in this article. One especially exaggerated area of fake news is the discussion of side effects from HCQ. We know there are purveyors of this fake news here. Somewhere in someplace one person died from this drug or at least died while taking it. We must not let this happen to our older citizens. We must therefore let hundreds of thousands die from this virus naturally to prevent one or two others from dying from the drug. Horrors that someone should die this way. I am sure all the dead from letting this disease run its course would agree with this sentiment before they passed away. I can see it now, hospital wards of dying C19 patients by the thousands saying
I am going to die but at least I didn't get any side effects from a drug
The end of exponential growth: The decline in the spread of coronavirus A similar pattern – rapid increase in infections to a peak in the sixth week, and decline from the eighth week – is common everywhere, regardless of response policies https://www.timesofisrael.com/the-end-of-exponential-growth-the-decline-in-the-spread-of-coronavirus/ buffalo
I specifically remember both Dr. Fauci and Dr . Birx saying - *in the same presentation* - [a] Watch out -the models we have indicate that millions of Americans will die, so buckle up, keep your distance! and [b] models are undependable because only the facts on the ground matter. True experts do not contradict themselves in such a flagrant manner. StephenB

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