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Michael Egnor:Why the human mind is the opposite of a computer

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Matthew Cobb
Matthew Cobb

Michael Egnor thinks that materialist science historian Matthew Cobb, who sometimes blogs with Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, only scratches the surface when he explains why your brain is not a computer.

Egnor would add

3. Is the mind a kind of computation? No. In fact, the mind is the antithesis of computation. The reason is obvious when you think about it. Mental activity always has meaning—every thought is about something. Computation always lacks meaning in itself. A word processing program doesn’t care about the opinion that you’re expressing when you use it. A digital camera doesn’t care what you’re taking a picture of. In fact, the great utility of computation is that it doesn’t have its own meaning so you can use it as a substrate to express any meaning you choose. Because the mind always has meaning and computation never has meaning, the mind is not computation. In fact, the mind is the opposite of computation.

Michael Egnor, “The mind is the opposite of a computer” at Mind Matters News

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Interesting, the focus on rational contemplation of the meaningful towards a purpose finds a contrast to GIGO limited mechanical processing of signals and symbols on a substrate of refined rock. Rocks have no dreams, minds do. KF kairosfocus

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