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Michael Medved discusses intelligent design theory with Darwin’s Doubt author Steve Meyer


Darwin’s Doubt deals with the Cambrian explosion of life forms about 550 million years ago.

Philip Cunningham, who forwarded this link, notes,

Stephen Meyer joins Michael to discuss the origins of life and the biology’s big bang, the Cambrian explosion. Animal forms come and go, but what links them as “acts of mind” (as Agassiz put it) is a “continuity of ideas,” not, says Meyer, the physical continuity that Darwin asserted. These are wonderful ways of putting things. Meyer also discusses the 2016 Royal Society meeting attended by a “spirited minority” of ID proponents, where one evolutionist put it that “criticism of neo-Darwinism is so early ’90s.” He meant that among scientists behind closed doors, neo-Darwinism itself is so passé that criticizing it further seems beside the point.

Criticizing it is beside the point within the discipline, yes. But the dying traditional media clutch at Darwinism as a drowning man clutches at a glass of water. We hear more Darwinism from them than we do from biology these days.

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