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Michael Shermer and Salvador Cordova on the SciPhi Show

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Here is a wonderful internet radio show with a special segment called “outcasts”. Michael Shermer and several Discovery Institute fellows and myself (for the IDEA Center) were interviewed.

Michael Shermer and I were given opportunities to offer our opposing viewpoints on ID.

Here are links:

Salvador Cordova on ID (IDEA Center)


Michael Shermer on ID (Skeptic Society)

Of note, Discovery Institute Fellows and ID proponents also appeared on other shows:

William Lane Craig (Discovery Institute)

Wesley J. Smith on Bioethics (Discovery Institute)

Alvin Platinga

(possibly Michael Behe in the future!)

Be sure to visit: http://www.thesciphishow.com/

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Blessings, Sal scordova
salvador: it has been my distinct impression that you consistently go out of your way in terms of courtesy toward participants, so if I were you, I would relax about “getting better” at this! Cool idea about the cutting room floor, though. Comment by tinabrewer — August 18, 2006 @ 2:25 pm **************************************** Blessings Zero Zero
Krauze!!!! Hey man. You guys from Telic Thoughts should drop by more often. Sal scordova
Hi guys, I have some fun with Shermer here. Krauze
jwrennie, I think John Davison would be a great guy to interview!!! Interview him on his plight at Vermont. That should be juicy. Salvador scordova
Sal, when the Intelligent Designer (there is a sign "that" in the middle of his name), said "Love me with all of your Heart, Soul, and Mind." he could have meant, and I think he did, "Love me from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet." ( beginning, end, and everything between, middle ) If you click my name (url) you'll find the first story is about the Intelligent Designer's first commandment. Since I have no say in what topics are introduced here, and that's OK, you'll find most of my posts on the "Off Topic" cutting room floor, your creation, and some are addressed to you. Blessings Zero Zero
BTW, I hope everybody enjoyed the interview and if anybody else with appropriate qualifications would like to come on the show for an interview on this topic of anything show related I'd certianly be interested to hear from you. jwrennie
"You are articulate, calm, cool, collected, well informed, thoughtful, considerate, and quick on your feet" Actually he says umm a lot :P I just cut all those out of the interview. Of course I say umm a lot as well, as did Michael Shermer. I try to cut them all out :D jwrennie
Sal, I'm impressed! You are articulate, calm, cool, collected, well informed, thoughtful, considerate, and quick on your feet. This is in contrast to the hysterical ravings of anti-ID folks who claim that if ID is taken seriously, science education and our economy will collapse, and a theocracy will be imposed. Who are the real irrational zealots in this debate? DaveScot: Shermer is obsessed with ID because he knows that he has met his match, and that his worldview commitment is under the assault of logic, reason, and evidence. As Sal pointed out, who wants to admit that he has dedicated his life's work and ultimate sense of purpose to a lie? GilDodgen
atom, thanks for that quote. that made me laff out loud. and plz excuse my typing with one hand while eating. "You can just assert things, that isn’t science" -- michael shermer mike1962
Thanks Salvador. For the record, and interview with Mike Behe is in the can, and should be out sometime in the next month. jwrennie
PS My favorite line of Shermer’s was when discussing Mike Gene’s front-loading hypothesis. He claims, in a nutshell, “Where’s the fossil evidence of this first organism? You can just assert things, that isn’t science.”
As if there is any evidence of Darwin's first organism. Jehu
PS My favorite line of Shermer's was when discussing Mike Gene's front-loading hypothesis. He claims, in a nutshell, "Where's the fossil evidence of this first organism? You can just assert things, that isn't science." The sweet irony of a Darwinist saying that made me break into a smile. You mean like asserting, without positive evidence and in the face of contrary theoretical considerations, that RM+NS can produce novel cell and tissue types? Or like asserting that phylogeny exists, though we can't identify it and despite the fact that the fossil record by and large shows a different pattern (abrupt appearance, stasis, extinction)? Or how about like assuming that lots of information-loss changes (re: bacterial antibiotic resistance) will somehow add up to macroevolutionary (information gain) changes? Yeah, gotta love the double-standards... Atom
You did great Salvador. I thought you handled some questions especially well; your answers showed a deep humility which stood in stark contrast with the misinformed arrogance of Shermer's assertions. As for Shermer: ID=Creationsm since both need a force to do the creating - Laughable, Why don't ID scientists get a lab and do experiments on bacterial flagellum?- Scott Minnich, Michael Behe has no idea how scientific conferences operate - Reallllllly? The whole thing was one ball of "I don't really understand what ID is trying to say, but I know I hate it anyway." Atom
Shermer is obsessed with ID. At least two of his most recent SciAm columns were about ID. DaveScot

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