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“Misinformation” is largely a phantom, a high-maintenance elite freakout

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That matters because, according to UPI, a coalition of fifty medical groups is organizing to fight misinformation.

Alarmed by the increasing spread of medical misinformation, 50 U.S. medical and science organizations have announced the formation of a new group that aims to debunk fake health news.

Called the Coalition for Trust in Health & Science, the group brings together reputable associations representing American academics, researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, drug and insurance companies, consumer advocates, public health professionals and even medical ethicists. – Alan Mozes, HealthDay News (March 23, 2023)

Meanwhile, here’s the cold-shower abstract from a recent study of the topic:

Abstract: Alarmist narratives about online misinformation continue to gain traction despite evidence that its prevalence and impact are overstated. Drawing on research examining the use of big data in social science and reception studies, we identify six misconceptions about misinformation and highlight the conceptual and methodological challenges they raise. The first set of misconceptions concerns the prevalence and circulation of misinformation. First, scientists focus on social media because it is methodologically convenient, but misinformation is not just a social media problem. Second, the internet is not rife with misinformation or news, but with memes and entertaining content. Third, falsehoods do not spread faster than the truth; how we define (mis)information influences our results and their practical implications. The second set of misconceptions concerns the impact and the reception of misinformation. Fourth, people do not believe everything they see on the internet: the sheer volume of engagement should not be conflated with belief. Fifth, people are more likely to be uninformed than misinformed; surveys overestimate misperceptions and say little about the causal influence of misinformation. Sixth, the influence of misinformation on people’s behavior is overblown as misinformation often “preaches to the choir.” To appropriately understand and fight misinformation, future research needs to address these challenges. (open access) More.

Two thoughts: Anyone who lived through the COVID era and was paying attention knows how much misinformation and stuff that didn’t really make sense generally was coming from people in power. The local looney toons had a hard time even getting a mike!

Second, the best way to fight misinformation is an open society.

Anyone remember the Disinformation Governance Board?

You may also wish to read: Royal Society: Don’t censor misinformation; it makes things worse. While others demand crackdowns on “fake news,” the Society reminds us that the history of science is one of error correction. It’s a fact that much COVID news later thought to need correction was in fact purveyed by official sources, not blogs or Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Hat tip: Instapundit

More on misinformation from Scott Atlas.
America' COVID Response Was Based on Lies Here are the 10 biggest falsehoods—known for years to be false, not recently learned or proven to be so—promoted by America's public health leaders, elected and unelected officials, and now-discredited academics: 1. SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has a far higher fatality rate than the flu by several orders of magnitude. 2. Everyone is at significant risk to die from this virus. 3. No one has any immunological protection, because this virus is completely new. 4. Asymptomatic people are major drivers of the spread. 5. Locking down—closing schools and businesses, confining people to their homes, stopping non-COVID medical care, and eliminating travel—will stop or eliminate the virus. 6. Masks will protect everyone and stop the spread. 7. The virus is known to be naturally occurring, and claiming it originated in a lab is a conspiracy theory. 8. Teachers are at especially high risk. 9. COVID vaccines stop the spread of the infection. 10. Immune protection only comes from a vaccine.
Not just misinformation but lies. https://www.newsweek.com/america-covid-response-was-based-lies-opinion-1785177 jerry
A ray of hope? This is a must read. Unless more liberals wake up, like Naomi Wolf, Taibbi, Shellenberger, Turely have, this country will not and cannot survive. We are slipping fast into an Orwellian fascist state if we’re not there already. “In the political novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), concerning the Party's philosophy of government for Oceania, Orwell said: In the end, the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.” When a man is awarded International Woman of the year, another media driven lie that a man can be a woman, 2+2=5 has arrived. https://naomiwolf.substack.com/p/dear-conservatives-i-am-sorry Vivid vividbleau
Way off target but somewhat relevant. Does anyone know what happened to Joshua G who posted a lot of stuff but the last was 7 months ago in August. He was posting a lot of interesting ideas but then disappeared. His website and Youtube channels also have nothing after that too. I was reminded of him because there is a philosopher named Elliot Sobel who posted some misinformation about ID and I was looking into who was commenting on him. Turns out not too many but I found an OP by Joshua G that addressed his distortions of ID. jerry
We are used to being lied to https://twitter.com/Keh_nyay/status/1633537394992463872?s=20 And this is just a small sampling of the sea of lies we are swimming in. I would add “Climate change” Vivid vividbleau
An extremely good example of how misinformation gets generated is a CNN article on the Georgia grand jury against Trump and election fraud.
CNN and Election Disinformation Evidence suggests that... CNN spread coordinated misinformation concerning the grand jury findings. CNN misled by not providing context regarding Trump’s statement requesting 11,780 votes. Access to information has been restricted by the Georgia Secretary of State. Very serious election irregularities have been found in Georgia
Misinformation is often generated by what is not reported as opposed to what was reported. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/03/cnn_and_election_disinformation.html People will often take a single sentence out of context and use that to spread disinformation/misinformation. jerry
Andrew at 5, I think not everyone thinks like that. relatd
Re: COVID My state's Director of Health's (a doctor) goal during the Scamdemic was conformity to directives, not individual health. You don't need a doctor to tyrannize, unless you want it to be dressed in a labcoat. So much for being a doctor these days. Andrew asauber
Jerry at 4, I would caution you about giving out medical advice. relatd
If anyone here still remembers three years ago, you know contrary information was being disseminated about C19 here on UD. It was like our doctors against their doctors. Which do you believe? Then it became apparent that the establishment medical community was lying about a lot of things. But why? We found out when emergency medial treatments required that there be no effective treatment. That meant cheap standbys were out or else hundred dollar drugs could not be rushed into distribution without proper trials. One of the things they lied about is that the virus went through stages/phases and a treatment during one of the phases would have little effect when administered during the wrong phase. Thus, effective cheap medicines were ruled out by using them at the wrong stage of the disease when they showed no effect. That doesn’t make the opposing doctors correct but tends to give them credence. Then the stats starting rolling in and it seems the opposing doctors were more often correct. Though not always. We are still in an information quandary on many things. Aside: I started taking several supplements based on some doctor’s recommendations and have never felt better. I could keel over tomorrow but the last three years have been good health wise. That’s certainly anecdotal but the supplements cost next to nothing and have no known side effects. So why not? jerry
Another "fight" again? During the frying pan-demic, I got my information from my doctor, not some non-social media site. And that's where people should get their information today. And so-called "misinformation" is a fake word. I prefer lies, falsehoods and similar. relatd
There has always been medical misinformation: think snake oil, leeches, phrenology, mercury and radium treatments, etc. There are always people grasping at medical straws to solve problems, real or perceived. A lot of supplement remedies get sold that way - not all necessarily bad, but certainly not all useful. And then there are the medical consensuses that later turned out false: think stomach ulcers, for example. Which medical information will now be deemed true, and which ones false? And finally, of course, who gets to decide, and who keeps the deciders accountable? Fasteddious
Yes the media reports trump rally spreads Covid https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/10/trump-rallies-covid-spikes.html https://apnews.com/ad96548245e186382225818d8dc416eb https://trofire.com/2020/10/26/trumps-rallies-have-caused-major-spikes-in-new-covid-cases/ Mean while Newsweek and others report BLM PROTESTS did not spread Covid https://www.newsweek.com/protests-black-lives-matter-covid19-coronavirus-1512501 https://www.healthline.com/health-news/black-lives-matter-protests-didnt-contribute-to-covid19-surge https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/us/coronavirus-cases-protests-black-lives-matter-trnd/index.html https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/06/30/black-lives-matter-protests-did-not-cause-an-uptick-in-covid-19-cases If you have half a brain and not a liberal then you know diseases of any type do not care the type of protest, trumps rallies couldn’t have spread the disease as fast as a nation wide protest that lasted months. There was a huge spike in Covid in the age groups of 20-30 at the time which also happened to be the average age of BLM protesters. Even if the trump rallies were filled with naked COVID dissenters coughing on each other and they all happened to have Covid they still couldn’t compete with the wide spread volume of the BLM protests. AaronS1978

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