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Molecular snapshots of tens of thousands processes involved in DNA damage repair obtained

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DNA repair, artist's conception/Delft UT

From “Protein Researchers Unravel the Molecular Dance of DNA Repair” (ScienceDaily, Mar. 15, 2012), we learn

Using state-of-the-art technology, scientists at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen and their international collaborators have successfully obtained molecular snapshots of tens of thousands processes involved in DNA damage repair.

The data from the experiments is so extensive that it will require much further work by researchers to fully understand the significance and impact of these newly identified signaling pathways. The article Proteomic Investigations Reveal a Role for RNA Processing Factor THRAP3 in the DNA Damage Response is published online in the journal Molecular Cell on 15 March.

And every single one of them is a big Darwinian accident, right? So is their co-ordination.

Love it. Try explaining EGFR signaling by Darwin's rules. You can't tell a just-so story if you can't even figure out what's going on. allanius
James Shapiro, in his closet Intelligent Design book, "Evolution: A View from the 21st Century" spends some time describing the incredible efficiency of DNA repair mechanisms. That was enough to fatally undermine the notion that random mutations could generate anything faintly resembling additional and useful information (which was the point he was trying to make: gently jettisoning neo-darwinian mechanisms forever). But tens of thousands of repair processes? Wow. How can any atheistic evolutionist put their faith in neo-darwinian mechanisms in light of this fact? And isn't it about time that they admit that they were wrong all along? I certainly look forward to seeing the results of modified versions of programmes like Avida, to allow for this overwhelming protection against mutations. Chris Doyle
These are exciting days for creationists! The more we learn and discover, the more the evidence for our faith grows. At the same time, the list of difficult problems to solve for atheists grows as well. Excellent research by these guys. As creationists, we welcome these results and further study of these "tens of thousands of processes". Really, how can one maintain sensibility and rationality these days and still honestly hold to atheism at the same time? tjguy
Ya know, because we can take pictures of them means materialism wins- seriously- yesterday I was told because brain damage can alter the way you think, materialism wins because obvioulsy the mind is the brain is matter is materialism. Joe

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