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National Academy of Sciences ejects evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala

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Other ejections are pending but meanwhile:

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has expelled evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala from its ranks 3 years after he was found to have sexually harassed women colleagues. Ayala, who resigned from the University of California (UC), Irvine, in 2018 after a university investigation found him guilty of sexual harassment, is the second member NAS has ousted over sexual harassment allegations since the organization revised its bylaws 2 years ago to allow members to be removed if they violate its code of conduct…

Both Ayala and Verma have also been named as Fellows of AAAS (which publishes Science). But the organization stripped both scientists of that honor last year after adopting a new policy for ejecting harassers in 2018.

In April, Science learned that NAS had received a complaint of sexual harassment against a fifth NAS member, whose name was not disclosed. “I’m looking forward to hearing decisions on those cases,” Ipek says.

Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, “National Academy of Sciences ejects biologist Francisco Ayala in the wake of sexual harassment findings” at Science

Hmmm. From back in the day when ideas mattered (but the person sponsoring them, not so much):

Templeton Prize-Winning Darwinist Francisco Ayala Offers To Explain, “Am I A Monkey?” (2011)

But then much more recently:

Francisco Ayala Has Stepped Down In Sexual Harassment Controversy At University Of California Irvine (2018)

One wonders how Newton or Einstein would have fared.

Since he views himself as no different than a monkey, perhaps he can be replaced by one. Monkeys are cheaper and sound about the same as the drivel coming out of Darwinists. BobRyan
Lol but he was just enacting his biological urges.!!!!! He is just a monkey (great ape for this that are picky and can’t determine I’m being sarcastic) well that monkey is gonna get punished and deserves to rot Also pun intended AaronS1978

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