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National Geographic claims gravitational waves show we live in multiverse


Further to “The multiverse doesn’t need actual evidence, National Geographic is chiming in, claiming that the detection of gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background shows we live in a multiverse:

Bored with your old dimensions—up and down, right and left, and back and forth? So tiresome. Take heart, folks. The latest news from Big Bang cosmologists offers us some relief from our humdrum four-dimensional universe.

“In most models, if you have inflation, then you have a multiverse,” said Stanford physicist Andrei Linde. Linde, one of cosmological inflation’s inventors, spoke on Monday at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics event where the BICEP2 astrophysics team unveiled the gravitational wave results.

Yes, but most models were created by people like him who believed that anyway and will grab any opportunity to sell it.

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Dr. William Lane Craig says new discoveries are proof the scriptures are true: Do new Big Bang findings support the Bible? - Mar. 21, 2014 - video http://video.foxnews.com/v/3372449786001/do-new-big-bang-findings-support-the-bible--/#sp=show-clips bornagain77
National Geographic also stated that Archaeoraptor was a precursor to dinosaurs. They were forced to retract when they discovered the fossil they'd been touting was fraudulent. Barb

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