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Nature of Nature: For $18 plus shipping, rid your life of bores and trolls – and, more important, learn the big story

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The Nature of Nature: Examining the Role of Naturalism in ScienceA friend writes to say that Nature of Nature can be had at Amazon for just shy of $18, commenting “Given the tiny price for the huge interesting proceedings of the Baylor conference, I hope that tons of us will buy the book.”

Yes, indeed, It is indispensable for whistling bores and broomsticks out of one’s life. In Nature of Nature, both sides on the ID controversy give it their best shot. Including Nobel Prize winners.

No bores, no broomsticks, no trolls, no truthing.

Just think! For a mere $18 plus shipping, and a few hours time, you can rid your life of people who promise to tell you “the truth” about why there is an intelligent design controversy. This is one book of which I can say, “If you haven’t read it, read it. Otherwise, you simply don’t know. And come back when you are at least qualified to bore me.” I promise, they won’t.

Meantime, you have all the benefits of reading the book.

Where will you find the time? Oh, that’s easy: Just skip everything the local paper’s science writer has to say on “the insidious threat of intelligent design,” and all “news” stories that are lightly retouched media releases from the Darwin lobby. And most TV “Evolution” shows. There’s plenty enough time.

I feel the same way about Suzan Mazur’s reporting in Altenberg 16,with reference to anyone who huffs that there is “no controversy about Darwinism within the science community.”

(Note: broomsticks? – here, for example.

Hard to believe a new book and no Kindle version... :-( NZer
My copy arrived last week.... Joseph

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