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Nature of Nature is the book to get … right now!


Dembski, below, is appropriately modest about Nature of Nature , in saying that it was seven years in the making.

The conference from which the book arose provoked such a storm of outrage from the Baylor Bambinos that Dembski’s Polanyi center (which organized it) was shut down. He became persona non grata among the Bambinos*.

If Bill, and senior editor Bruce Gordon,  had just been willing to swallow the Darwinade ladled out to them, they could be pontificating today from some secure chair.

But something about respect for the facts …

I’ve read the book (advance copy). In it, key thinkers on both sides of the ID controversy present their best arguments.

Both sides will doubtless claim victory and you, reader, are the judge. Imagine that. it’s still a free country. You decide.

Anyone interested in foundational science debates should either read it or shut up – or wear asses’ ears if outgassing on “faith” and “science.”

It’s that kind of a book. Which is why, I suppose, some didn’t like the  whole idea back then …

*Binos = Baptists In Name Only. The Bambinos are the Darwin street franchise operating among them: “To be a good Christian, you must, first and foremost, believe in The Beard!”


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