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Cuppa coffee!! I have heard from the world’s foremost expert in kidding


Recently, distinguished professor Hundert Fundert at Thunderjug University, editor emeritus of the Analytical Encyclopedia of Correct and Incorrect Humour, professed not to know whether I was kidding about the supposed link between atheism and obesity.

He probably didn’t get the memo:

The link between atheism and obesity is about as plausible in detail as that between traditional religions and violence. No, most atheists are not beer bellies with feet they can’t even see – and most traditionally spiritual people are not violent either. The difference is that journals flirt with the latter claim.

So I thought – hey, the Internet’s a free market – I’ll indulge some guy’s fat rap, just for variety. Maybe later, I’ll strike out on my own and announce that atheists are cat people who live in cramped apartments with appalling numbers of cooped-up smelly felines. (Marry one, and you’ll never wear a suit again … )

I just hope I am not tempted to actually provide a link to satires of atheism. I tend to think of satire as an escape hatch but, come to think of it, I live in a country where a serious “human rights” charge against our most famous columnist was that he didn’t think some comedy produced by the government was funny.

(Yes, you read that right. The government funds the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. And, at its funniest, Tax Burden TV Comedy has never bested test patterns for ratings.)

I’m glad I remembered not to post a link about atheist lifestyles generally. A real victory because, us grannies you know, our memories are never what they were.

The reason enlightened governments fund a public broadcaster and content is so we, the viewers, can see things other than ratings driven commercial nonsense. zeroseven
Maybe atheism is protected under a national disability rights act. O'Leary
Ms. O'Leary, this ought to get your Canadian maple leaf blood to boiling: Christian broadcaster gets the Canadian boot http://onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=1288796 bornagain77

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