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Nature: The Exoplanet Files 20 years on

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Maybe-were-the-weird-ones-draft-01 From Nature:

What we know about alien worlds — and what’s coming next.

The tally of known extrasolar planets now stands at 1,978, with nearly 4,700 more candidates waiting to be confirmed. On 29 November, exoplanet researchers will gather in Hawaii to review these extreme solar systems — and map out a path for the next two decades.

Free infographic here.

Here’s an interesting new find from May 2014: Goldilocks may not like exoplanets.

Maybe that’s because of stuff like this? Radiation nixes most Earth-like planet for life? Researchers: Atmosphere of Kepler-438b would be stripped away.

See also: Don’t let Mars fool you. Those exoplanets teem with life!

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