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From the editors of Nature:

Scholars are anxious because extremists are scrutinizing the results of ancient-DNA studies and trying to use them for similar misleading ends. Ancient DNA, for example, offers evidence of large migrations that coincide with cultural changes in the archaeological record, including the emergence of Corded Ware. Some archaeologists have expressed fears that the extremists will wrongly present such conclusions as backing for Kossinna’s theories.

Another problem for archaeologists and historians relates to the potential for abuse of the results of ancient-DNA studies looking at more recent times, such as the Migration Period around the fall of the Roman Empire or the era covered by the Viking sagas. They worry that DNA studies of groups described as Franks or Anglo-Saxons or Vikings will reify them by attaching misleading genetic profiles to categories that were devised by historians, and are not representative of how individuals viewed themselves at the time. Already, some people have picked up on such studies as a way to try to trace their roots to such supposed populations, to justify claims they have a right to some territory or other (L.-J. Richardson and T. Booth Papers Inst. Archaeol. 27, 25; 2017).More.

Kossina’s theories? But what, exactly, distinguishes Darwinism from conventional racism?

Of related note: Dr. Paul Giem is up to part 9 in his series reviewing Dr. John Sanford's new book "Contested Bones":
Review of "Contested Bones" (Part 9 - Chapter 9 "Australopithecus sediba") 3-31-2018 by Paul Giem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNgra_BQHOU&index=9&list=PLHDSWJBW3DNU_twNBjopIqyFOwo_bTkXm

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