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“Neil deGrasse Tyson” debuts at the Babylon Bee in an op-ed


Article Image From “Tyson” at the Bee:

There are a lot of things we can learn from science. Did you know that the earth is round? It is round, and it is not flat. A lot of religions think the world is flat, but they are wrong. It is round. I know this because I am a scientist. More.

We are informed that the Bee will soon feature an op-ed by Stephen Hawking as well …

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Tyson bombshell: Universe likely just computer sim Twenty-first century, meet your science.

Very funny. Of course, this joker is always funny... like when he was unhappy with his entertainment and sewer systems. Nonlin.org
PETER Are you, Alice, menstruating right now? LIBRARY ADMINISTRATOR What has that got to do with it? PETER Back off, man. I'm a scientist. DaRook
There are a lot of Religious like deep-time dependent doctrine dogmatic 'scientists' that have blind faith in the assumption premise that lead one to conclude the universe is 'flat' , but they are wrong. reference SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model. Pearlman
The one time I sat through a viewing of the new Cosmos it seemed that the talk was one part things you'll know if you learned what your school attempted to teach you, one part speculation presented with an air of certainty that would have actual researchers working in the field wincing, and one part propagandizing against a thing called "religion". EvilSnack
Nice parody of Tyson's over simplified junior high level science. Hoping to see someone lampoon his bad math and history. One example: Tyson's "My Man, Sir Isaac Newton" where Tyson describes all the stuff Newton did before turning 26 years old. Except the part about Halley asking about elliptical orbits -- that happened when Newton was 41. That whole Big Think video was wrong from start to finish. Thony Christie did a nice take down for that steaming pile of garbage. Or Tyson telling Joe Rogan and his stoner dude audience there are more transcendental numbers than irrationals. There are a lot of examples of Tyson saying stuff that's flat out wrong. Google: fact checking Neil deGrasse Tyson HopDavid

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