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Time capsules now officially non-PC


Even icon Carl Sagan doesn’t get a pass these days.

From Cara Giaimo at Atlas Obscura:

Throughout human history, people have struggled with two competing impulses: the desire to make a mark for future generations, and a deep confusion about what, exactly, that mark should be.

The Golden Records, though probably the most extreme manifestation of this impulse, are far from the first. “There have been time-capsule type experiences ever since humans have measured time,” writes librarian William Jarvis in Time Capsules: A Cultural History.

It’s easy to make fun of time capsules, but, as Jarvis details, it’s much harder to fill them with the kind of material that will actually stand the test of time. Often, the things we tuck away for posterity are embarrassing or boring. Sometimes, they’re much worse—racist, bigoted, wrongheaded. Most take that old adage about the winners writing history to its logical conclusion. And they are always, by their very nature, exceedingly presumptuous.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG So? Not as presumptuous as those who seek to destroy history in order to save it.

See also: Dawkins: Social justice warriors are dim, just dim … The SJWs may not be dim. Some would say they know how to get on very well after the collapse of the traditional humanities, and aim at careers in PC enforcement. (Who knows, some of them may end up with jobs scrubbing time capsules of Incorrect thought).

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Virtually impossible for an ET to intuit and build a turntable and speakers to play that Golden Record. Assuming the ET has ears. Heck, most modern earthlings don't even know what a record is. "Billions & Billions" whatever Carl. ppolish

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