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Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor has become Darwinian Jerry Coyne’s “archenemy”

Jerry Coyne
Jerry Coyne

If Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is aiming for a stint at Marvel Comics, he needs an archenemy, of course. And we could always use the revenue around here from sales of Michael Egnor tee shirts and fridge magnets.

Coyne said, in response to science philosopher Massimo Pigliucci crabbing about him,

I’ve never considered Pigliucci my “archenemy” (I’d reserve that term for creationists like Michael Egnor), and I’m surprised that he sees me as his when we largely agree on most things. Jerry Coyne, “Massimo Pigliucci goes after “scientism” for the umpteenth time” at Why Evolution Is True

Michael Egnor

David Klinghoffer replied,

Archenemy sounds a little…obsessive. It’s also ironic considering that Coyne has repeatedly noted what he thinks is our “obsession” with him. He’s written, “Klinghoffer is absolutely obsessed with me”; “Discovery Institute has a bit of an obsession with me”; Egnor, “who’s obsessed with me, blames my views on ‘materialism and Darwinism’”; Egnor’s “obsession with me is regularly on parade at the Discovery Institute website Evolution News.” Obsessions on parade, I like that image. We’re not alone, either. Coyne believes Karl Giberson has a “weird obsession with me,” as does Robert Wright, who “is literally obsessed with me.”

Archenemy? No. Grand obsession? Not really. The truth is that the highly prolific Dr. Coyne provides comic relief with equal parts of real instruction about the inane conclusions that follow from his atheism, materialism, and Darwinism. He’s a teachable moment unto himself, a useful and entertaining one. David Klinghoffer, “Congratulations! Coyne Promotes Egnor to “Archenemy” at Evolution News and Science Today:

That’s true. Some readers may not have followed our reporting on Coyne suddenly discovering the pussyhats’ anti-Semitism and soon after recoiling from the discovery that Templeton is committed, as he is, to academic freedom.

Don’t cheat yourself. Read about it. It’s not every day that a truly dense person starts to de-densify like that. Most just go on getting denser.

Besides, he has good taste in archenemies. It shouldn’t go unrewarded.

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