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New book: God and the World of Insects

God & the World of Insects by [Josh Shoemaker, Gary Braness]

From the publisher:

Viewed through the eyes of entomologists and scientists who believe in a Creator God. the chapters discuss the design, nature, and purpose of insects in the world while at the same time showing the beauty and diversity of insects. Contributors consider such topics as the vision of bees, the importance of ants, and the role of insects in advancing technology and drug therapy. Among the many questions addressed are:

– Are insects protectors or destroyers of the ecosystem?

– Why are there insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches?

– Do insects suffer?

– How should humans respond to the world of insects?

A friend says to look for chapters by Paul Nelson and Ann Gauger.

Note: Was the poor old cockroach ever really considered a problem before humans started living in apartment buildings in cities? We made those rules; they didn’t.

This sounds a bit too much like "animal rights" for my taste. We can appreciate the unique talents of insects without letting them take over our houses. polistra

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