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New DNA Damage Repair Mechanism Must Have Arisen Early

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DNA damage repair is a fascinating topic in cell biology. Fascinating because the cell’s repair mechanisms are so incredible. What’s more the mechanisms are coordinated in a sophisticated control network. As one researcher put it, “it’s almost as if cells have something akin to a computer program that becomes activated by DNA damage, and that program enables the cells to respond very quickly.”  Read more

3 Replies to “New DNA Damage Repair Mechanism Must Have Arisen Early

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    What’s more interesting is having a system based on random errors (Darwinism) create an error control system. How that is theoretically possible to go against the flow of the foundation of the entire system, I’ll leave to others to defend.

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    niwrad says:

    About this Darwinian paradox see also The Darwinism contradiction of repair systems.

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    GilDodgen says:

    Darwinists ask us to believe that a process based on the introduction of random errors created a complex error-detection-and-repair system.

    It is clear that without such an algorithm and the machinery in place to implement it, self-replicating systems of even the most primitive sort would be immediately extinguished.

    Does this obvious insight not create at least a scintilla of cognitive dissonance among proponents of the absurd proposition that random errors can produce error-correction technology?

    This completely mystifies me. How can anyone with basic scientific training and familiarity with simple mathematics and logic take the claims of Darwinists about the creative powers of the Darwinian mechanism seriously?

    They are asking rational people to perform a self-lobotomy as a prerequisite for membership and confirmation in the Church of Darwin.

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