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New DSM Diagnosis: Rapid Onset Gonad Retraction

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Over at Evolution News David Klinghoffer summarizes Brown University’s craven abandonment of one of its professors under pressure from the transgender lobby.

[Brown professor Dr. Lisa] Littman published her (peer-reviewed) study in PLOS One, “Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports,” concluding that young people may pick up gender dysphoria socially, in part through circles of friends and social and other media. That’s not something you are supposed to say. PLOS One and Brown’s School of Public Health, where Littman teaches, caught blowback from activists, and Brown in particular collapsed under the pressure. They took down a news release from their website and replaced it with a “statement, community letter on gender dysphoria study.”

All of which has led to a new diagnosis appearing in the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual — Rapid Onset Gonad Retraction.  The symptoms are rapid loss of integrity, courage, and the slightest ability to deflect bullying from powerful interests.  The patient will readily capitulate to any demand from said interests, even a demand that the patient jettison his/her most sacred principles and commitments.  Example:  The administration of a prestigious Ivy League university tosses one of its professors under the bus and stomps on her academic freedom to appease a powerful political lobby.  There is currently no known effective treatment for this disorder.





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