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New internet venue: Free Science Today

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Every day scientific discovery is held back as inquiring minds are boxed in by a history of academic reprisal when teaching or research runs afoul of current orthodoxies. More.

The site, sponsored by Discovery Institute, won’t lack for stories. Most of us don’t have time to tell them all.

And could we get one thing straight?: Science boffins want it that way.

The boffins are the same people who obsess about what Florida parents want their kids to learn in school but turn a blind eye to the death penalty elsewhere for witchcraft.

Was there something else you needed to know about the boffins?

See also: Historic journal Nature is freaked out over American public school science classrooms – again.

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    Don’t let the government find out about free science–they’ve been hit up by the NSF for decades about how expensive science is getting. And don’t even get me started on NIH.

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