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New paper at Biocomplexity by Daniel Andrés Díaz-Pachón and Robert J. Marks II

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From the Conclusion:

We have proposed extension of active information for domains other than those confined to a finite interval. Maximum entropy (maxent) is defined on domains other than a finite interval. These maxent manifestations are evidenced in both applications and nature. Using these generalized maxent measures, active information formerly associated with finite domain distributions can be extended. The extension conforms to the criteria for measuring statistical complexity. Active information has recently been expanded as a multidimensional mode hunting tool [11]. Briefly speaking, in a finite space, every deviation from equiprobability constitutes a local mode. Thus in every event of positive active information there is a local mode. In a subsequent paper, the generalized measure is applied specifically to the Wright-Fisher model of population genetics [12].

D´ıaz-Pach´on DA, Marks II RJ (2020) Generalized active information: extensions to unbounded domains. BIO-Complexity 2020 (3):1-6. doi:10.5048/BIO-C.2020.3.

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