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New Research Continues to Point to a Super Progenitor

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Everyone knows biology is full of complicated designs, but evolutionists think it arose spontaneously, as a result of the play of natural laws. In other words, it happened to happen. First there was nothing, then there was something, then that something became very complicated. All this just happened to happen.  Read more

All I know is this.... The cell is not going to get any less complex, we are only going to find more and more layers of intricac in its workings. True or not, the ToE has some major progress to make if it is to survive in the long-term. Evolutionary biology as it stands is a shockingly low standard science, and I would like to see less laurel resting and more SOLID FACTS. Why do they not realise that intelligent design (even if wrong) is a positive competitive push that may (already has) aid the advancement of science? Let us not forget that the history of Science has been all about competing theories that literally force Science to evolve. Science evolves as opposing theories battle it out. Only the best theory will be naturally selected, so all this "anti-science" alarm ringing is over-blown and HYPOCRITICAL. The only ones doing anti-scienceare those who would stifle competition. For Darwin's sake, nobody holds the monopoly on knowledge! ThoughtSpark

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