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New Scientist asks if we can engineer the universe?



Before we start, let’s invent two things: self-repairing AI supervisors that can direct projects lasting many millennia; and vehicles that can reach close to the speed of light, maybe riding on laser beams or driven by miniature black holes – which according to recent calculations by physicists at Kansas State University may be possible.

When we reach the Singularity or the Omega Point or whatever flim flam destination is on offer, we might pause to wonder this: Why do people likely to credit every a-crock-alypse from nuclear winter to human-caused global warming also wonder if we can engineer the universe?

Especially when they think it all just happened randomly anyway.

See also: Copernicus, you are not going to believe who is using your name. Or how.

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Why might we conclude we can make an impact at a cosmic scale? Unless something is forbidden by the laws of physics, the only thing that would prevent us from achieving it is knowing how. IOW, if something were impossible, regardless of how much knowledge was brought to bare, that would be a testable regularity - which would be due to a law of nature. So, it's not that resources are scarce, because there is plenty if you know how to utilize them. What is scarce is knowledge. Yes, problems are inevitable. But they are also solvable, given the right knowledge. You are grossly underestimating the impact of knowledge. Popperian
Hubris anyone? Will that be two sugars? Axel

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