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New Scientist tries to undermine Cambrian explosion


In favor of the previous Ediacaran era, perhaps because we know less about it. The only lesson New Scientist types seem able to take from the Cambrian explosion or the Ediacaran precursor is to try to undermine the Cambrian explosion of 539 mya:

This evolutionary starburst is known as the Cambrian explosion. It is one of the most significant moments in life’s history on Earth because it is the point at which species that are clearly related to today’s animals first appeared. It is seen as evolution’s big bang.

But over the past few years, geologists have begun to have second thoughts. Newly discovered fossils and careful analysis of ones found decades ago suggest that animals were thriving in the period before the Cambrian. As a result, some people are now arguing that the explosion of animal life started about 12 million years earlier. Others are questioning whether it is possible to define a distinct explosion at all.

Colin Barras, “The weird creatures that might be the very first complex animals” atNew Scientist

Is that because the Cambrian was Darwin’s Doubt? It won’t really work but one can’t blame them for trying.

The Ediacaran creatures are fascinating predecessors to be sure. They will likely turn out to be explosions of life, just like the Cambrian, but often not clearly related to it.

The Worm That Was Making Those Tracks 551–539 Million Years Ago May Be Found


Gunter Bechly: Ediacaran fossil paper is junk science

Evolutionists would find the same pattern of a sudden appearance of the species in the pre-cambrian strata and still deny creation. They'd blame the fossils; "they could not be well preserved! The creatures preceding the Cambrian were not as sturdy as later organisms, and as such, leave no record of their existence! Erosion is to blame, The soil destroyed all the evidence! " Everything to deny that the animals came into existence in a manner consistent with what was stated in the Bible: that each species were created in stages, and each after their own kind. PREDATORbyDESIGN
Darwinists have been sidestepping Cambrian since the beginning and will continue to do so. There has never been an evolution based answer to what happened. Darwin was convinced that more fossils would be found and even he had to admit Cambrian caused problems for his theory. As I recall, he didn't expect the fossils to be discovered in his lifetime, but he did expect it to happen in his son's lifetime. His son has long since passed away and still they search the fossils for something that will never be found. We have a pretty complete fossil records and there are far more questions for Dawinists than answers. BobRyan
My understanding is that the most notable thing about the Cambrian Explosion is that new species went "sideways", with unprecedented new classes and phyla simply appearing POOF! And THAT 'sideways" bit simply defies any mechanical explanation. One can argue about when it "really" started, and when it "really" ended. But for some millions of years, NOBODY (at least nobody who wasn't attending the Design of Life production planning meetings) can predict WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. And so, as with a newborn baby simply SLEEPING, we stand in awe and can't say much more than "Oooo..." and "Ahhhhh..." (There are HOURS of video of babies under the age of 1 year simply trying to say "da da da" when the same man comes over and picks them up. Clearly this is INCREDIBLY complicated, and exhausting for young humans.) vmahuna

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