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Next! Is vivid imagination “helping explain consciousness”?

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Imagine a scene in an intellectual property office where a lineup is trying to patent a theory of consciousness… Here’s one outlined in a recent pop science article:

Arguably, our powers of imagination explain above all else why our species has come to dominate the planet. And although there is more to imagination than imagery, it is a significant component of our internal experiences, giving us a nifty way to recall the past and simulate the future. Daniel Cossins, “People with Extreme Imagination Are Helping Explain Consciousness” at New Scientist…

Imagination is a power of abstraction, sometimes turned to the task of taking observations from the existing world and constructing and conveying a story in words and images—or an entire world that exists only in the imagination (for example, Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings). To understand imagination, we need to understand the origin of abstraction, a uniquely human quality, as Michael Egnor observes … “Does vivid imagination help explain consciousness?” at Mind Matters News

But that can’t be done on a purely material basis because information is immaterial. The second film in the Science Uprising series, “The Inescapable I,” mocks that prejudice explicitly:

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Does brain stimulation research challenge free will? Michael Egnor looks at immaterial qualities of the human mind.

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