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No God, no science?


Spending your Amazon gift card? A friend draws our attention to this 2013 Wiley Blackwell book:

No God, No Science: Theology, Cosmology, Biology presents a work of philosophical theology that retrieves the Christian doctrine of creation from the distortions imposed upon it by positivist science and the Darwinian tradition of evolutionary biology.

Argues that the doctrine of creation is integral to the intelligibility of the world

Brings the metaphysics of the Christian doctrine of creation to bear on the nature of science

Offers a provocative analysis of the theoretical and historical relationship between theology, metaphysics, and science

Presents an original critique and interpretation of the philosophical meaning of Darwinian biology

Friend adds, “I never heard of Hanby before, but researching him, I found a number of interesting op-style pieces by him here,” including one about being on the wrong side of history.

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