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Nokia stealing our brand moniker: Versatile and “intelligent design”

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And they won’t even let us copy it, so you have to view it here.


A more fun smartphone

The Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone® gives you experiences available only on a Lumia in a fun, affordable package. Innovations include the Windows® Phone 8 operating system, a superior camera, and a super-sensitive 4” touchscreen that you can use even with long fingernails or gloves.

I want it on record: They owe us each a free phone and lots of hours of time. – O’Leary for News 😉

Jerry @ 2, Yes, that's true. Nokia believed touch screen mobiles will be a massive failure. It also messed up its Symbian OS, failed to capitalize on partnership with Intel (Meego OS) and faltered, it brought in former Microsoft executive, who I suspect, was a Trojan horse sent by MS to undervalue to take over Nokia -which is what happened. Nokia has a treasure trove of patents which makes it a valuable company to pocket. selvaRajan
I believe Microsoft bought Nokia. jerry
Windows 8 . . . kairosfocus

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