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Nominate your favourite shirt-in-a-knot science censor of the year

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That time again. Here. (Or let us know, and we will scoop Evolution News & Views, then forward your story to them.

Your favourite censor always knows when he think naturalism or Darwinism is dissed. It’s the smell, see?

It smells like someone is asking questions they never ask at The Skeptical Zone, questions that no good union or cult member would ever ask. And he can do better knots than this, explaining how it all works, sort of, until we sober up and try thinking for a change.

As David Klinghoffer explains,

A Boston University psychologist, Deborah Kelemen, advocates indoctrinating younger children. In a remarkable story this past year, the Wall Street Journal saluted her research showing how elementary-school kids can be deprogrammed and redirected from the common-sense recognition of design in the natural world.

Of course. You are not only required to forward your kids for indoctrination, by the way, but pay for it. And accept the results. And celebrate it.

Hey, they are even allowed to use fake animals too, while teaching, even while they are carrying on about possible extinction of real ones. And that had better be okay with you too. It doesn’t need to make sense; it just needs to be Darwinism.

If it all works, your kids (if you have any) will be far too stupid and bonged out to care whether it makes any sense by the time the system lets them go.

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