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Native American creationism viewed favorably in a recent court ruling in Canada

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In a land dispute. The authors quoted provide a picture of the judge in the case with the caption, “Captivated by Indigenous creationism: Justice Hennessy ignored historical evidence that the Ojibway were latecomers”:

Rather than sticking to the historical facts, Justice Hennessy extensively quoted an Ojibway elder’s account of his people’s cosmology and creation story, and then herself claimed: “As the last placed within creation, the Anishinaabe [Ojibways] could not act in ways that would violate those relationships that came before their placement on the land and that were already in existence across creation.” Setting aside her curious acceptance of Indigenous mythology as fact, we know that at the time of their “creation” the Anishinaabe could not have been placed in Northwestern Ontario. They originated on the Atlantic Coast and are essentially newcomers to the area, having arrived after European explorers.

Robert MacBain and Peter Shawn Taylor , “The Real Cost of Bad History” at C2C Journal

Post-truth science will not be, in principle, either positive or negative about creationism; everything depends on the role it plays in power struggles.

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Is there life Post-Truth?

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    It doesn’t matter if something IS true. It only matter if it SHOULD BE true. And anyway, how does that make you FEEL?

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