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Not all dinosaurs died in the big asteroid hit


A friend kindly writes to mention that a recent paper addresses a different huge dino-catastrophe:

“Everyone wants to know how thousands of bones ended up in one location. We are finally able to give them a scientific explanation,” shares Dr. Wood. “This paper will change how bonebeds are studied and remain important for years to come. It already has close to 3,000 views on PLOS One’s website, which is crazy!”

The paper covers the method used for excavation and details the types of bones that have been found on the Hanson Ranch bonebed. Because of the large number of recovered fossils, there is now deeper insight into how so many bones ended up in one location. The authors hypothesize that all of the dinosaurs excavated from the main bonebeds were killed in one catastrophic aquatic event and subsequently relocated by a secondary event. Similar bonebeds deposited by flood events have also been documented in Canada.

Southwestern Adventist University Professors Publish Cutting-Edge Research Paper in Peer-Reviewed Journal” at AdventistToday.org (December 28, 2020)

Note: “Taphonomy is the study of what animals were doing when they died, how they died and what happened after they died. High-precision GPS equipment is used to catalog the location of every bone to within a centimeter to learn more about how the bones ended up in their final locations.” Almost spooky.

The paper is here.

Yes, Bob O'H, especially given that most dinosaurs were dead before the asteroid strike. ET
I'm not sure how the paper links to the title of this post. Especially as we have known for some time that not all dinosaurs died when the asteroid hit. Bob O'H
This is good work for people with a ghoulish streak. Better dinosaur digs than graveyards. Fasteddious
Aligns even better w/ sciptural testimony of the 1656 anno mundi impacts year, aka Global flood by Noach where surging waters left many sediment layers and was the cause and effect of The ice ages that followed, that itself had massive aftershock localized flooding, over the course of about 340 years. reference the YeC Moshe Emes series volume I framework for understanding science in max. avail context. Pearlman

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