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NPR: Were Neanderthals religious?

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From anthropologist Barbara J. King at NPR:

Did Neanderthals engage in some way with the supernatural or the sacred?

Caution is required here. The bones and artifacts, after all, don’t clue us in to the meaning-making that went on in Neanderthal groups, and we can’t just overlay present customs onto the past.

Perhaps the Neanderthals simply wanted to bury their companions’ bodies in order to protect themselves from predators, or disease, or both.

Given their intelligence, it seems to me likely that the Neanderthals contemplated, in some way, the mysteries of life. More.

What does “religious” mean?

If a skyscraper’s basement shopping mall today got fossilized, would anyone know thousands of years hence if any of the interred were “religious”? Maybe, but how? Do we even agree on what we think “religious” involves?

In my mind, I am reading the next ScienceDaily release claiming that chimpanzees are “religious,” published on Christmas Eve of course.  = A casuistical “study” showed that they recognize each others’ behinds in a mystical way? 😉

All we know for sure is this: Humans have perennially had a naturalistic religion, according to which gods, people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects are all the same, really. Anything can be anything else. Nature is all there is.

Within that frame, the beliefs of our ancestors or cousins are just signals in the noise.

What really made a difference in the world of religion was the advent of monotheism and/or the general idea that a divine order lies beyond nature that cannot by any means simply be appropriated and controlled – or even understood – by ourselves, simply to fulfill our own wishes.

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No, Neanderthals were intellectually fulfilled atheists. Origenes
Of course they were... I have seen some of their burial places... They are no different than than any other primitive tribe or nation places...But that is not the real problem. The real problem, not for us, but for the worshipers of Darwin is why monkeys have never developed the desire to worship even if they were prompted to do so? Huge failure for Darwinism, never mentioned anywhere...embarrassing...but as some said it today on this blog, embarrassment is not something that Darwinists haven't had to deal with over the years. It is real. They just had to develop a thick skin or get lost. It's similar to what politicians have been doing for hundreds of years... J-Mac

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