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Karl Giberson leaves Biologos: Uncommon Descent “despicable” about it


No, we don’t know why, but neither does this person. Not short of an opinion about Uncommon Descent, though:

In typical fashion, Uncommon Descent are hoping for the worst: The “Darwinism” killed his faith. (Must. Control. Rage. Must not stoop to their level…) Let’s hope their just being despicable and there’s nothing to their speculation other than malice. Giberson is a good man and we need him in this fight.

Hard to say why “public theology” student Arni Zachariassen, who is supposed to favour “Thoughtful Theological Reflection” (blog’s title), should be in a barely controlled rage. Did Uncommon Descenters say that Darwinism had killed Giberson’s faith? The consensus here is that he was “a bridge too far” for – that is, not a good fit with – the BioLogos organization.

(Note: – AZ has since clarified his position. See this comment.)

Put another way: Giberson was way better for us than for them.

That may not, of course, be why he left (we still don’t know). But here’s conventional UD-type thinking: First, what exactly is BioLogos’ mission anyway? Surely not to front liberal theology as such; whole denominations now exist to empty churches and synagogues by doing that. The mission is to persuade orthodox Christians to put aside growing doubt and wholeheartedly embrace Darwinism and all it entails.

Now, the worst way to go about that is Giberson’s: Point blank make clear that treasured lifetime beliefs must be dumped. Faced with that, the orthodox Christian sticks to his beliefs and dumps BioLogos. So?

Francis Collins, who had no choice but to resign from Biologos in order to accept his appointment as National Institutes of Health head, had a much better strategy: Clouds of clouds, sentimental evocations of CS Lewis, folksy guitar strumming, more clouds for more crowds.

They must want him back as soon as he retires.

Yes yes…an Ativan, and a Tagamet.
Are those intelligently designed drugs? If so, I'm all in favor! Mung
Tough luck for Arni, but he deserves some leeway: The debate has become so polarised and acrimonious, that its all too easy to read in sinister motives between the lines. I've been exposed to the debate for enough time now to find my own imagination running riot and without bidding whisper some pretty off the wall stuff; like for example: There's bound to be enough ulterior intrigue behind this Karl Giberson business to warrant a blog post. Timothy V Reeves
CY ;) Yes yes...an Ativan, and a Tagamet. Upright BiPed
Upright, Tagamet isn't exactly a "chill pill." It's more like a "swallow pill." If you can't stomach something, you take a "swallow pill." Perhaps you meant something like Ativan? ;) CannuckianYankee
Kinglygift, I don't know if you were refering to my comment above, but I dont think suggesting someone take a chill pill is out of line after being labeled despicable. In any case, Collins wants me to ignore evidence, which I refuse to do. Giberson is on an island to himself. The issues are not trivial. Upright BiPed
kinglygift; I don't think "snarkfest" is the best word. You say you learn a lot from this blog, and that's primarily what this blog is about - disseminating information about ID. As such, there's a dialogue going on as well - not just here at UD, but in other blogs, and from time to time, the editors of UD apparently find it necessary to respond to things said in other blogs as they relate to ID. Giberson's departure from Biologos is related because he has made certain pronouncements regarding ID. Where else would you get such a by-the-minute-updated source of information on all things ID? I should also mention that from time-to time people from Biologos come here and post. So it's not exactly like we're at each others' throats. We simply disagree on certain things, and I think discussing such disagreements - pointing out where we disagree - is healthy. I appreciate your candor on coming forward with this observation, but I don't think it's accurate. And just above your post is an example of someone from yet another blog - related to the OP, coming here to join in the dialogue - or at least demonstrating some integrity by taking responsibility for something he said. arnizach, Thanks for the update. CannuckianYankee
I like this blog and I learn much from it about ID, but if I'm being honest, the ongoing snarkfest between the two organizations grows tiresome. kinglygift
Thanks for the clarification, O'Leary. I've updated my post. arnizach
Arni Zachariassen needs a tagamet. Chill. Upright BiPed
I don't see where anyone UD is "hoping" that Giberson lost his faith, or even speculating that that was the reason he left. Even the link quoted simply suggests that Giberson ultimately became a poor fit, since his brand of Christianity gave up too much to Darwinism. nullasalus

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