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Official paper on Homo naledi published… yes they’re recent, and now everything’s a big mess


Open access here:

… we have constrained the depositional age of Homo naledi to a period between 236 ka and 335 ka.

A friend offers: “This means is that predictions of a 2-3 million year old age for Homo naledi were just plain wrong. They wanted it to be that age for evolutionary reasons, but the true age of the fossil is about 10 times younger.”
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(Face facts. Mother nature is a bitch.)

From Mpho Raborife News24:

“After the description of the new species in 2015, experts had predicted that the fossils should be around the age of these other primitive species. Instead, the fossils… are barely more than one-tenth that age,” Berger said.

Researchers and scientists had previously thought that only Homo sapiens existed on the African continent during that period because the period was characterised by the rise of “modern human behaviour”.

That kind of behaviour was previously attributed to the rise of modern humans and was thought to represent the origins of complex modern human activities such as burial of the dead, self-adornment and complex tools.

“We can no longer assume that we know which species made which tools, or even assume that it was modern humans that were the innovators of some of these critical technological and behavioural breakthroughs in the archaeological record of Africa. More.

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