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Olasky: “Signs of Intelligence” is good brain workout

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Jim Kushiner, writes, presumably from the treadmill, to say:

In the latest issue of  World magazine, editor Marvin Olasky compiles his all-time favorite one-hundred books to read while on the treadmill, “books that exercise my mind while I exercise my body.” Included on the list is Signs of Intelligence, edited by Touchstone publisher James Kushiner and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor William Dembski. The book is an expansion of the July/August 1999 issue of Touchstone on Intelligent Design. You can order your copy here, and then head to the gym.

Mere Comments, from which this item is swatched, is a most interesting blog of  ecumenical Christian interest, the blog of Touchstone magazine.

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    dougcampo says:

    This looks like a very interesting book and Touchstone is a great magazine.

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