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On Adam and Eve and Biologos: Parting of ways a healthy development?


From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views:

BioLogos is the theistic evolutionist advocacy group founded by Francis Collins. For years they have been gravely advising their fellow Christians that science rules out belief in a historical first pair of human beings. That evolutionary view, posing a seemingly heavy theological challenge to traditional Christian faith, has taken a couple of hits in recent days.

It’s painful when friendships fall apart in front of your eyes. Here, though, I won’t tell you I feel terrible about it. It’s not that I have a stake in the fight per se. I’m not a Christian, nor, obviously, a theistic evolutionist. Discovery Institute takes no position on how, or whether, you should read the book of Genesis. Our interest lies in getting at the truth about nature. But theistic evolution has been an orthodoxy that tells laypeople what to think, based on shallow science. When operations like that crack up, it clears the air so that thoughtful people can consider ultimate questions for themselves.

We may have more to say on Venema’s book another time. Certainly, though, its contention as to human origins — a key plank in the BioLogos mission, now attacked from within and without — lacks the authority to compel assent.

No, I’m not saying that BioLogos is on the verge of a crackup. But the unveiling of hidden tensions like this, in the normally disciplined TE ranks, is likely a healthy development.More.

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Isn't BioLogos that other creationist organization? Mung

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