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Our own Vince Torley on podcast!


We are told he is superb, but we knew that already:

Here and here.

Instead of empirical science's being the most humble sphere of knowledge - which it is, in reality - the fact of its being imposed via the Academy, by totalitarian multinational financing, as the only form of true knowledge - scientism - makes its vindication of theism, the ultimate prize, the jewel in the crown, the last piece in the jigsaw, for Christian apologists. They are like loony-toons characters, overshooting the edge of a cliff and treading air, on the spot, for what seems like a an age; then finally falling just as dramatically, leaving a deep silhouette of their bodies, arms and feet outstretched, in the ground below. Axel
Hi News, I just wanted to say thanks very much for putting this up. I hope people find it useful. Thanks again. vjtorley
its not science that proves/disproves gOd. the universe declares God exist and creation is the proof. SO examination and figuring out nature will prove Gods existence and fingerprints on nature. Is science about examination/figuring out nature? yES! so science is able to prove gOd. its just incompetent people (or tailless primates for our evo friends) that don't prove god or get it nixed up. Well done interview . i recommend it. Robert Byers
I couldn't help laughing out loud at the truly bizarre notion that somehow scientific evidence pointing to the truth of theism, would suggest that confidence in metaphysical evidence of theism was viewed as inferior. It seems incredibly disingenuous. They know the power for harm their vapid atheist propaganda has managed to exert, and the last thing, literally, they would want to see, is a scientific vindication of theism. Or deism, for that matter! They, themselves, were never going to take the metaphysical evidence on board, and have hitherto been relying on the hegemony of their materialist propaganda to continue indefinitely. But it seems - perhaps I'm wrong - that instead of laughing at their nerve, Casey and Vincent affected to take this weird contention seriously, precisely because it was so vapid. Axel

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