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Parlez-vous? Check out this non-Darwinian offering in Le Figaro


Jean Staune, the non-Darwinian mathematician who is convinced that anglophones make a mess of everything (and suddenly burst into my life a while back with a rude letter to the effect that I was responsible*), nw offers this in a key French magazine: “L’hypothèse d’un créateur est scientifique” (The hypothesis of a creator is scientific.)

I wonder what would happen if he went to the United States and said that. They’d assume he was a tent-shaking fundamentalist, I guess.

This guy weighs in too. And a bunch of other folk.

More on Staune here and here.

The French are famous for quite rightly scoffing at “le Darwinisme.”

But it’s rare that they’ve penetrated organized public stunnedness so as to be picked up here, so give them a hand, all.

*Me? Responsible? Wow. Please send money to Uncommon Descent now. We oughtta fix up the place, ya know.

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