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Part 2 of New introduction to intelligent design: Recognizing Design Part 1


Courtesy John and Sandy Palmer:

In Part 1, we look at evidence that the universe had a beginning, therefore it had a Beginner – a Creator. We look more deeply at the information in DNA that makes life possible. Part 2 applies the core concepts of irreducible complexity and functional coherence to one of the most important functions in each cell – energy production.

In this series, we cover the most important topics of the Intelligent Design vs Evolution debate in six video sessions, each divided into two half hour segments. More.

You may also wish to see: New introduction to intelligent design at YouTube Part 1. Palmer: Part 1 begins with the basic concepts of Darwinian Evolution. Darwin’s theory related to heredity, but the science behind genetics was a mystery in his day. Darwin’s assumptions about heredity have proven to be mistaken.

New introduction to intelligent design at YouTube, Part 2: Molecular biology Part 2 introduces the foundational concepts of Intelligent Design. Evidence from molecular biology over the past 60 years completely upends Darwinism.

BA77, a Texas sized "thank you" for that link to the succinct quote on the Krebs cycle. That one has just been copied and sent to my science teacher son. Be aware that your comments, filled with pertinent information, are anticipated and appreciated by many. So on this Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. I am thankful for your contributions to these discussions. Blastus
2. Recognizing Design, Part 2 - energy production.(Krebs cycle; 6:36 minute mark) https://youtu.be/yhTDk5iouJA?t=396 Of note:
There is also another insurmountable chicken and egg problem for Darwinists in regards to the Origin of Life. Namely, “You need enzymes to make ATP and you need ATP to make enzymes. The question is: where did energy come from before either of these two things existed?” https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/biology/chemist-biology-points-to-intelligent-design/#comment-740836

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