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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publishes Hoax Article on “Boo Boo Kisses”


Reports the Federalist here:

Kisses from mommy are not an effective way of remedying children’s boo-boos, according to a new study which was published online by the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. The study, which was allegedly conducted on 943 pairs of toddlers and their mothers, examined whether a kiss from a child’s mother after a minor injury significantly reduced the child’s distress.

“Maternal kissing of boo-boos is a common practice that appears to have no ability to reduce the distress of toddlers and may have significant untoward effects,” the anonymous authors of the study concluded. “On the basis of this study, we recommend a moratorium on the practice.”

No, it's quite clear that this was a joke. Shocking as it seems at times, even academics have a sense of humour. Anyway, I hope you had a peaceful Christmas, and have a good new year. Bob O'H
Maybe Bob. Or maybe he is trying to put a happy face on a screw-up. Barry Arrington
It would be more appropriate to change "hoax" to "joke". The journal is following a Christmas tradition in medical journals (the BMJ is the go-to journal for this). There's an update at the end from the editor pointing out that it should be clear from the context, the name of the research group etc. that this was a joke. And yes, it was intelligently designed. :-) Bob O'H

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