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People want time travel and they don’t care what they have to believe to get it

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passage of time, imaged/S. Sepp

Otherwise, how do we account for this? New Scientist wants to avoid the Grandfather paradox by which if you travelled back in time and killed your grandpa, how would you exist? Well…

One way to avoid such paradoxes is the idea of branching universes, in which the universe we are in splits with each instance of time travel, creating two different universes

Chelsea Whyte, “Time travel without paradoxes is possible with many parallel timelines” at New Scientist

You have to subscribe to find out more but if you are short of cash, you could just make up your own tall tales instead. On the other hand, there is also lots of time travel fun below:

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Has a recent find brought us closer to understanding why time onoly goes one way?

Would backwards time travel unravel spacetime?

Economist: Can time go backwards?

Astrobiologist: Why time travel can’t really work

Carlo Rovelli: Future time travel only a technological problem, not a scientific one. Rovelli: A starship could wait [near a black hole ] for half an hour and then move away from the black hole, and find itself millennia in the future.

Rob Sheldon’s thoughts on physicists’ “warped” view of time An attempt to force complete symmetry on a universe that does ot want to be completely symmetrical

At the BBC: Still working on that ol’ time machine… BBC: “But using wormholes for time travel won’t be straightforward.” Indeed not. Unless everything is absolutely determined, some wise person from the future has already gone back through a wormhole and altered the present so that we can’t go anywhere.

Is time travel a science-based idea? (2017)

Apparently, a wormhole is our best bet for a time machine (2013)


Does a Time Travel Simulation Resolve the “Grandfather Paradox”?

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Seversky asks why we can't travel through time and why there can be no multiverse. It's difficult for Darwinists to grasp, since they're used to not having to rely on evidence. Science is about something actually observed and the results must be replicated. Time travel, multiverse and macro-evolution have never been observed. Without observing something, there can be no replication of results. BobRyan
If God can travel through time why shouldn’t we?
We are NOT God.
If God must exist in every universe that makes up the multiverse, why is the concept of the multiverse such a problem?
The "problem" is the total lack of evidence for a multiverse. So there's that... ET
If God can travel through time why shouldn't we? If God must exist in every universe that makes up the multiverse, why is the concept of the multiverse such a problem? Seversky
That was the theme in "Avengers: Endgame". The ancient one explained it to Hulk Banner ET

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